British No.32 Mk.2 Scope (8686)

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This scope is sold "As is". This Mk2 scope is complete. Lens clarity is 3/10. The reticle is intact and the turrets rotate. The lenses show no chips or cracks. The steel tube is heavily rusted which makes the markings hard to read. This scope was made for the No4 T.


There was a desperate shortage of sniper's rifles at the outbreak of the Second World War. Development of a No.4 sniper's rifle was undertaken in 1940 with trials rifles, before production of the No.4 rifle had begun. The rifle was fitted with the No.32 scope, originally designed for use with the Bren LMG, a removeable mount being used due to the weight of the scope. Officially adopted in 1942, the No.4 sniper's rifle had already been in use for some time.


Manufacturer Kershaw Ltd
Authenticity Original
Made In United Kingdom