Spanish CETME Model L Bayonet

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These original CETME Model L bayonets are in excellent condition and do not appear to have seen much use. The scabbards have a number of marks as a result of long storage.


Replacing the earlier CETME Model C rifle from 1986, the CETME Model L was not well-liked and was reported to have performed poorly in the 1990-1 Gulf War. Later attempts to reduce production costs exacerbated the rifle’s problems, leading to adoption of the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle in 1999.

The blade of the CETME Model L is patterned on the US M4 bayonet, but is 57mm (2.25") longer. It has an 11-groove, green plastic grip and a broad, plain guard secured by two domed rivets. The blade, guard, and pommel are painted black. The scabbard is closely patterned after the M1964 scabbard.

The CETME Model L bayonet was produced by the state-owned Santa Barbara Sistemas factory, under auspices of the Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI).


Manufacturer Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI)
Overall Length 357mm 14.05"
Blade Length 225mm 8.86"
Weight 0.58 Kg 1 lb 4 oz
Scabbard Plastic
Fits CETME Model L