British Pattern 1840 Constabulary .65 Carbine

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This carbine is of the earlier pattern using the Pattern 39 style lock, the New Land Pattern side plate with the central screw and the Hanoverian bayonet catch. These carbines were only built for a couple of years until upgraded to the P'42 style.

This particular carbine was used in Ireland. This is determined by the "C" and 4 digit number engraved on the tang of the butt plate. The same number is also engraved on the ram rod. The stock is marked with the Board of Ordnance marking and the date 1843 with a tower proof. The lock is marked Tower and dated 1842.

At one point, probably during its service life, the barrel has been burnished bright, possibly for dress purposes. The 2 barrel pins have also been removed and the stock holes for these repaired

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The British pattern 1840 Constabulary carbine was known in to distinct patterns. the earlier carbine was derived from the Pattern 1839 Musket, and the later carbine followed the lines of the pattern 42 musket. The main differences being the lock, side plate and bayonet catch. The earlier pattern using the P'39 lock, New Land Pattern side plate and the Hanoverian bayonet catch, while the later used the P'42 lock, Lovell cups and the Lovell bayonet catch. The Pattern 1840 Constabulary Carbine has a 26" barrel and the rear sling swivel is placed at the underside of the butt, rather than at the trigger guard.

The Pattern 1840 Constabulary Carbine was issued in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, and Western Australia.


Manufacturer Tower
Overall Length 1077mm 42.4"
Barrel Length 676mm 26.6
Cartridge .65
Magazine Capacity Nil