Windlass Greek Spearhead

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The spear, being far less expensive to produce than other weapons, was common throughout the Medieval period. This style of spear, with wings or lugs, was originally developed by the Franks, but was popular throughout Europe, particularly among the Vikings. The wings both limited the penetration of the weapon and provided an effective parrying guard.


The spear was the primary weapon of the Hoplite, the citizen-soldiers of ancient Greek city states. Called a 'doru', or 'dory', the spear was between 2.4 - 4.5m (7.9–14.8 ft) long. The spearhead was usually a curved leaf shape, while the rear of the spear had a spike called a 'sauroter' (lizard-killer). While this primarily balanced the spear, it was also used to stand the spear in the ground, as a secondary weapon if the main shaft snapped, or for the rear ranks to finish off fallen opponents as the phalanx advanced over them.


Manufacturer Windlass Steelcrafts
Overall Length 432mm 17"
Blade Length 257mm 10.12"
Socket Diameter (Internal) 28mm 1.1"
Weight 0.70 Kg 1 lb 9 oz