'AUSTRALIA' Shoulder Title

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These brass badges are high quality die struck reproductions of the 'AUSTRALIA' badge. In all details, apart from the markings distinguishing them as reproduction, they are almost indistinguishable from originals.


The 'AUSTRALIA' shoulder title first appears to be mentioned in the 'Standing Orders for Dress and Clothing' 1912, where it is stated: "Officers serving abroad are permitted to wear on the shoulder strap, while with other troops, the word 'AUSTRALIA' in brass or gilt letters." The 'AUSTRALIA' badge, in an oxidized (black) finish, was worn by all ranks of the AIF in the First World War on the shoulder strap on the jacket.

During the Second World War the 'AUSTRALIA' badge would be the cause for many controversies. The order for AIF soldiers returning to Australia to remove the badge (the badge was originally intended to be worn only by soldiers serving overseas) led to widespread protests. These protests intensified when it was decided that the badge would no longer be made or issued. Many in the AIF felt the badge distinguished them from those who had not volunteered to serve overseas. Very shortly the order to remove the badge was countermanded and the decision not to continue to issue them reversed. Controversy over its wear, however, would continue. In 1944, there were protests in both houses of Parliament against the wearing of the badge by those men of the AIF who had not served overseas, or who were not shortly to be posted overseas. Despite this, the wearing of the badge by all members of the AIF would continue for the rest of the war.


Material Brass
Finish Blackened
Width 55mm
Height 17mm
Affixed By Lugs & Split Pin (split pins not included)
Authenticity Reproduction
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