British Coat Kapok WWII original

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These jackets were bought in a bail of coats that were re-packed in 1968. From the 10 coats we received, 4 would be considered unused, in excellent condition. The glue that was used to hold the lining in the outer shell has failed, and it has also caused some staining to the outer shell.

A rare piece of British military clothing from WWII with connection to the Long Range Desert Group in North Africa.

All the coats we received are Size 4, a medium to large size.(See Pics)

These coats are heavy, and that will be refected in the freight price.

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These coats are made of a heavy canvas and a kapok lining. They were for extreme cold weather. The kapok lining was held in the canvas shell with heavy stitching and glue.

They were used in the failed Norwegian campaign in 1940, but later were used by the long range desert group in North Africa.

There are slight variation in patterns that were used. The one pictured has the metal hook closure, though button closures have also been noted