Australian WW1 Mk.II Cloth Bandoleer

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These bandoleers were made in Australia in the later part of World war One, and all are dated. Many were originally loaded in 1918, and then reloaded during the 20s, 30s, and into WWII. Some reloaded after WWII

They are all in very good condition, very usable. A great piece to a collection.

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The MkII 'Bandolier, cotton, 50 rounds' was introduced in List of Changes in January 1910. While the Mk.I and Mk.I* bandoleers were made of drill fabric with pockets divided by a single row of stitching, the Mk.II bandoleers, were of a khaki coloured denim fabric with five slightly smaller pockets divided by a double row of stitching.

Made in 1918 these Australian bandoleers, have been reused and remarked several times since.