British No.8 Scope Tin (2)

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The tins I have came out of a military warehouse in India. The tins have been neglected for many years, and hence the rust and loss of finish. They would all benefit from a refinish or a good clean to keep original

This tin has had the bracket to hold the scope removed, probably due to neglect.


The No32 scopes were kept, when not on the rifle and in action, in a protective tin that was worn on a shoulder strap by the sniper. The tins for this role were designated as Case Stg Tel No 8 and were produced in 3 versions and 2 marks.

The first tins had rounded edges. Deemed to be too complicated to produce, a square edged 'economy' design was produced from mid-war. The earlier design, with rounded edges, were produced following the war for new contracts. The square edged design was deemed obsolescent but not obsolete - they remained in service until damaged beyond repair or discharged.