German 1939 (M1890) NCO Dress sword

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This M1890 NCOs dress sword was made in 1939 officially by ordnance, and hence has ordnance acceptance stamps.

This sword was made by Carl Eickhorn as an ordnance order. The makers name on the blade are obscured by the guard. The ordnance marking are clear on the front of the guard. The handle is wood covered with black celluloid and is bound in brass wire

The scabbard fits perfectly, and is made by the same contractor, and is also ordnance marked, though the serial number does not match.

The sword and handle is very good condition, with only a minor crack in the celluloid of the handle and the leather finger loop has been broken at the base. The scabbard shows ware from use and has some minor rust pitting

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Adopted in the later part of the nineteenth century, due to the large use of blades in the German armed forces for dress purposes, the pattern 1890 dress sword, exists in variations for both NCOs and officers. The NCOs sword is plainer while the officers swords are highly decorated.

Many of these swords were private purchase, while some were ordnance made.