British Naval Officer's Sword P'1827

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This is a new made officers dress sword for British and Australian naval officers. It has a Gold plated brass hilt, white fish-skin handle and etched blade. This sword is made by Windlass Steelcraft who became the contractors for MOD after Wilkinson closed production of dress swords in 2013.

The etching on the blade, include the cypher of Queen Elizabeth II, which now has been replaced with King Charles III

Windlass Sword Company Limited is the UK division of Windlass Steelcrafts, the only company in the world producing every pattern military sword, scabbard and lance in current use by the three arms of the British Armed Forces.


The first Royal Navy pattern sword was created in 1805, its elegant but impractical design being superseded by a solid-hilt design developed in 1827. In 1846, a blade was standardised for all Royal Navy Officers. The current light, single-edged straight blade was adopted in 1929. Carried by RN Commissioned Officers, this sword featured a gold-plated brass hilt, white fish-skin grip and a brass pommel in the form of a lion.