Indian Fairbairn-Sykes 2nd Pattern Knife (SF2012)

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This knife is in good condition. The blade has fine pitting and stains to its original polished finish. The brass grip is missing the majority of its black finish and has some very minor marks. There are no makers marks

This knife does not come with a scabbard

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Some years ago we came across a small quantity of original Second World War Sykes-Fairbairn knives in the stores of the Rifle Factory Ishapore. Included were examples of UK, US and Indian made Fairbairn-Sykes knives. This knife is a later style of Indian 2nd Pattern. While earlier examples had the handle soldered to the tang of the blade, this knife utilizes a threaded tang and nut, much the same as the UK knives.

The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife was designed by Captains W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes at the Commando Special Training Centre, located in the Scottish Highlands at Achnacarry. Both former members of the Shanghai Police Force, Fairbairn and Sykes had returned to England at the beginning of the Second World War, where they were commissioned as Captains to instruct British Commandos in knife fighting, unarmed combat, and self defence. The knife was adopted by the British Army and soon proved extremely popular with British special forces.