Ishapore 410g Riot gun (96722H)

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This gun was originally made as a No.1 Mk III rifle in 1944, and converted to riot gun in 1949. The metal work is in very good condition retaining most of the original blueing. The stock shows a lot of work with a crack in the fore end near be bayonet boss. there is also a crack in the front hand guard and a repair to the top of the butt stock.

These guns would have seen service during the partition of India in 1947, and the civil unrest it caused for many years.

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These riot guns were converted from No.1 Mk III rifles by Ishapore (RFI) in India. The conversion was carried out by boring out the barrel from .303 to what would best be described as a straight .303 case which is very similar to the 410g shotgun. The Magazine well was filled with a wood block, and a single shot platform was inserted just under the bolt. The rear sight was pinned for basic shooting. Originally these guns fired a 3 ball cartridge, progressing to smaller shot in later years.