USA Model 1905 Bayonet (S.A. 1918)

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Originally made by Springfield Arsenal in 1918. This Bayonet has been parkerised. This, with the original WWII, M3 scabbard would suggest it was rebuilt for WWII. The bayonet is in excellent condition with some very minor blemishes only. The grips are wood, in excellent condition, and are affixed to the handle by a single screw.

The scabbard is the M3 pattern which is of WWII production. The scabbard is in very good condition with some ware.

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Designed for use with the Model 1903 rifle, the Model 1905 bayonet replaced the rod bayonet originally designed for this rifle after these were found to be unserviceable. Between 1905 and 1922 the bayonets were made at Springfield Armory and the Rock Island Arsenal. Until 1917 the bayonet had 406mm (16") blade with a 'bright' or polished finish. The handles were blued with two wood grips. In 1917 the blades were blued and in 1918 were parkerised. In 1922 production of the bayonet was halted until resuming again in 1942.

Although designed for the Springfield 1903 rifle, it was also used on the 03A3 rifle, as well as the M1 Garand rifle.