About Us

We first started trading as a small mail order concern operating from home. Offering a small range of fine, collectable military firearms and associated equipment, we sold to a small number of discerning customers. In a short space of time however, the number of our customers grew as did demand for the firearms we sold. At this time, although military firearms were sold by many firearms dealers in Australia, there was no store that offered them exclusively. Military firearms were not then, as they are now, highly sought after and there were a minimum of dedicated collectors.

In 1993, as a result of increasing demand, we opened our George street store. Our products were initially confined to fine military firearms and a small range of collectables however, this range grew with demand. Mail order continued to grow steadily and a small catalogue was produced in house bi-annually and sent to our customers around Australia.

In 2000 we launched our first website. For the first time international customers had access to many of our products and from humble beginnings our international sales grew. Though we initially received few orders per week, and those from standing customers, this soon changed. We now send parcels overseas daily, to many customers in numerous countries.

In the intervening years our business has grown steadily as have the products we offer. In 2002, we began reproducing First World War equipment. First, the Bandoleer Equipment 1903 used by Australian Light Horse this was followed by a large range of webbing, uniforms and other equipment. We strive constantly to maintain an extremely high level of accuracy and quality in our reproductions.

Although fine, collectible military firearms are becoming increasingly more difficult to come by, we are still dedicated to finding and offering them for sale. Military firearms and collectibles remains to this day an important part of our business and we feel priveleged to continue to sell to many of those customers we first sold to operating from home many years ago.