East German AKM Type II Bayonet

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These bayonets were made in East Germany in the 1960s. The blade has a dull finish. The handle is a black plastic. The scabbards are plastic covered steel and have an attachment which, when attached to the blade of the bayonet, form wire cutters. These bayonets do not appear to have seen use and are in excellent condition.


The AKM rifle was introduced in 1959, and among many improvements over the earlier AK47, included a bayonet lug. Easier and cheaper to manufacture than the AK47, the AKM was soon being produced and used worldwide. The bayonet introduced with the rifle was as groundbreaking as the Kalashnikov itself. It incorporated a number of features which made it incredibly versatile. The one-piece moulded plastic grip and pommel, and stainless steel blade made the bayonet impervious to rust and rot. The unfullered clip-point blade had sawteeth along its spine. The steel scabbard body had a lug at its end which, when paired with a slot cut into the blade, formed wirecutters. The scabbard body had a rubber insulator, making it safe to cut electrified wire. The belt hanger clipped on to the scabbard body and was cheap and easy to replace. A retention strap was also included, for extra grip when the bayonet was being used as a combat knife.

Introduced in the mid-1960s, the improved AKM Type II bayonet, made two significant changes to the earlier design. A squared-off steel pommel was added to address the fragile nature of the Type I's plastic pommel. The scabbard was also made of a moulded plastic which eliminated the need for the rubber insulation.


Manufacturer Unknown
Overall Length 281mm 11.06"
Blade Length 150mm 5.9"
Weight (Including Scabbard) 0.56 Kg 1 lb 3 oz
Scabbard Steel/Rubber
Fits AKM