Long Service/Good Conduct Badge - 3 Years

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Long Service badges were introduced by AIF Order No.470 of the 24th January 1917. The badge, awarded to Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officer's and men, consisted of a single chevron of service lace sewn to the left forearm. One chevron was awarded for each years service in the AIF. These reproductions are made of service pattern lace sewn to a khaki wool backing. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

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On 24 January 1917 approval was given for the award of a badge for long service combined with good conduct. Warrant and non-commissioned officers and men were eligible for the badge subject to the following conditions:

One chevron was worn for each complete years service in the AIF from the date of embarkation in Australia. No badge was issued however, to any man who, during the 12 months, had incurred a regimental entry in his sheet. Time absent from his unit in hospital or elsewhere on account of wounds and sickness, not the result of misconduct, counted as service towards earning the badge. A man in possession of a badge was forced to forfeit same on being convicted of any offence involving forfeiture of pay, but was eligible to regain the badge after six months good conduct.

The badge consisted of an inverted single chevron of service braid worn on the left forearm three inches above the edge of the cuff.

These badges are made of service pattern lace sewn to a khaki wool backing. They are sold individually, not as pairs.


Material Service Pattern Lace/Wool
Width 153mm
Height 130mm
Affixed By Stitched
Authenticity Reproduction
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