First World War Australian Boots

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These boots have been copied from a period example and are made of high quality, drum dyed, full grain leather. The boots are of goodyear welted construction. Eyelets are brass and laces leather. The soles and heels are reinforced with brass nails.

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The Australian boot of this period was an ankle length brown leather boot without toecap. The number of eyelets in original boots varies between six and nine pairs. Soles and heels were of leather, originally with reinforcing nails, before toe and heel plates were added in around 1916.

These reproductions are made of a drum-dyed, dark tan, full grain leather. Each boot has eight pairs of brass eyelets. The laces are leather. The goodyear welted, leather soles are reinforced with brass nails, as are the heels.

Up until 1916, Australian boots were not hobnailed nor did they use heel or toe plates. The boots did have small rectangular nails on the sole and heel of the boot. These nails were intended to reduce the wear of the leather of the soles. While we have not been able to reproduce these nails, the soles and heels of these reproductions are nailed with round head nails which will serve the same function.