Akubra First World War 6th Australian Light Horse Slouch Hat

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This hat is a reproduction of those worn by the 6th Australian Light Horse regiment during the First World War. The 100% fur felt Akubra slouch hat is fitted with a reproduction First/Second World War Commonwealth Pattern hat badge, an adjustable leather chin strap, and kangaroo fur hat band


At the outbreak of the First World War the Australian Imperial Force were provided slouch hats with a plain khaki wool hat band, and a Commonwealth Pattern ('rising sun') badge. Members of 6th Light Horse regiment, against orders, wore a wallaby fur hat band instead of the plain wool used by other Australian Imperial Force units. There appears to be no precedent for this distinction (New South Wales mounted units, from which the 6th Light Horse was drawn, had, prior to 1912, been distinguished by cock's plumes in their hats.) and after the war the distinction was lost.

These hats are an exacting reproduction of the slouch hat worn by 6th Australian Light Horse Regiment during the First World War. The 100% fur felt hat is made by Akubra, a company that has supplied, and continues to supply, hats to the Australian Army since the early 20th century. To these hats are attached a reproduction of the Commonwealth Pattern badge, kangarro fur hat band,and adjustable leather chin strap.


100% fur felt slouch hat made in Australia by Akubra Hats.
Reproduction blackened Commonwealth Pattern badge.
Kangaroo fur hat band.
Adjustable leather chin strap.